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Play World Cricket Championship 2 Game

Play World Cricket Championship 2 Game

Players: 2
Genres: Outdoor Sport
Playing time: 5 mins
For every cricket enthusiast, World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC 2) is one of the top online cricket games. WCC 2 is the best mobile cricket game that raises the bar for cricket games. World Cricket Championship 2 is a versatile game that offers amazing enjoyment, with realistic ball physics, famous cricket shots, and many more entertaining features. You may also personalize your squad and cheer on your favorite players with personalized banners.
Prepare to see a real cricket game with 3D graphics and real-time game situations if you are a cricket fan. For a realistic cricketing experience, the World Cricket Championship 2 cricket game has different camera angles, sparkling animations, additional cricketing grounds, batting camera settings, new controls, hot events, blitz tournament, and much more. With realistic gameplay and graphics, you can choose from a large number of teams and hone your talents on the field.
Create your own squad and compete against AI or real gamers from around the world. It'll be difficult to believe you're not actually playing the game. WCC 2 is everything a cricket fan could ask for, it is the best cricket game ever created. There's not much more a cricket fan could ask for, from the range of teams and game types to the vivid graphics and an action-packed and demanding gameplay.

How to Play WCC2 Game Online

How to play world cricket championship 2 game online

Select WCC from Game-list

Step to play wcc game

Choose from the formats available

How to play world cricket championship 2

Select the boot amount and Enjoy the game

  • You can play in a free practice game or pay an entry fee to play in a cash game.

  • Watch a demonstration of how to bat in the middle, left, or right, and more.

  • Choose between bat & bowl and batting rivals mode, then follow the instructions below for each option.

  • Begin aggressively, attempting to score on every ball. For each batting innings, the game normally lasts two overs. This can quickly put the batting side under strain, so you'll want to take advantage of every opportunity to score runs.

  • Keep an eye on the fielding setting. If you're lofting towards the fielders, any lapse in timing could lead to you being caught.


Rules of WCC Game


In WCC games, each team comprises 11 players and has a balance of batsmen, bowlers, a wicketkeeper, etc. and you would be responsible for the performance of your team.


Each team must have a wicketkeeper in their fielding team. You can not proceed further by missing out on your team’s exclusive wicketkeeper.


In WCC games, each team comprises 11 players and has a balance of batsmen, bowlers, a wicketkeeper, etc. and you would be responsible for the performance of your team.


Each team must have a wicketkeeper in their fielding team. You can not proceed further by missing out on your team’s exclusive wicketkeeper.


The team that scores the maximum runs is declared a winner at the end of each inning. The scores are provided for batting, bowling, and fielding.


A bowler must bowl six legal deliveries to constitute an over. You can not plan it in some other way. When you choose someone to bowl then he must complete at least six balls.

World Cricket Championship 2 Tricks


Front Foot Positioning

While taking the shot, try to land your front foot at the same spot relative to the crease each time. This makes you have an amazing shot.

Upper Body Rotation

You can rotate your upper body using your hips to propel you forward. This helps in marking stronger boundaries.


You can also swing your non-bowling arm to whip your bowling arm forward and improve its strength. This is advice to improve your bowling skills.

Wrist Position

While bowling, your wrist needs to be behind the ball to enable a beautiful presentation of the seam. You must keep this in mind while bowling an opponent to grab a wicket

Team Selection Balance

Always make sure that your team’s lineup is inclusive of a mix of bowlers, batsmen, wicketkeepers, and all-rounders. The performance of your team entirely depends upon the chosen members.

Mark the run up

It is wiser to have a tape measure and mark out each key point of your run-up. This gives you more idea of the field and ensures better deliveries.

Interesting Facts about WCC2 Game

Best cricket game in India


The game’s origin traces back to the 16th century in the land of South East England


First recorded game

The first recorded game was played in 1646 & later fines were handed out for those who missed the church to play.


Bat shape history

Earlier in the 16th century the bat shape was curved.


Animal entry

A cricket game was stopped since a pig ran across the field. It is still legal to suspend a game if an animal enters.


The Bat and Bowl Option in World Cricket Championship 2

You can play both batting and bowling in the bat & bowl mode. A coin flip determines whether your team will bat first or bowl first. Swipe left or right to place the batsman when batting. For flawless shots, use the time meter, activate loft for large hits, and tap to run between wickets.

Tap to alter the field, select from a variety of unusual deliveries to confuse the batsman, and tap to set the bowling speed/spin. You can also manually put your fielders on the field. To win the bat and bowl challenge, you must have the highest score, which is determined by a variety of factors.

How to Download WCC2 Game on iOS

If you have an iPhone then you can download the Winzo app to play the WCC 2 cricket game. The following are the steps to download World Cricket Championship 2 mod apk:

For iOS

  1. Visit the app store and search for WinZO.
  2. The app will appear on the top. Choose the 'download' option and proceed further by installing the app.
  3. After downloading, open the app and move forward with signing up.
  4. Mention your mobile number for registration and you will get an OTP.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions and you would be able to see multiple games on your phone screen.
  6. Tap on the snippet showing WCC 2 cricket and start playing your favourite game.

For Android

  1. Visit the official website of WinZO and click on the options menu in the right-hand side corner of the mobile or computer screen.
  2. There will be several games that include WCC 2 among other options like carrom, chess, etc.
  3. Enter a mobile number in the box on the right-hand side of the screen.
  4. There will also be an option to “get app link via SMS.” Click on this option after entering the mobile number.
  5. A link for the Rummy APK download will be sent to that phone number.
  6. Click on the link and install the app directly.
  7. Register with the required details and start playing.

How to Win WCC2 Game

Check out the following essentials, you must know about the WCC 2 game if you wish to be a winner:

  1. You must have precise knowledge of controlling the scenario on the field. Understand all the rules and practice consistently to master them. Whether you are batting or bowling, learn to control accurately within the given time.
  2. Always choose batsmen when it is your chance to bat and be rigorous while batting. In WCC cricket game, dot balls matter a lot. It is wise to play aggressively from the beginning. Try to pocket as many boundaries as possible.
  3. Assign your bowling lineup smartly. You have a variety to choose between spinners, medium-pacers, pacers, etc. If you are new then you can initially proceed with fast pacers. Try to be more accurate and prefer dot bowls along with trying to take as many wickets as possible.

World Cricket Championship 2 Game Feature

World Cricket Championship 2 has a plethora of dynamic features that include the ability to challenge a friend, a 3D bar chart for innings runs, dynamic ground ambient sounds, an advanced ball-head coordination system, a bowling summary, a batting timing metre, dazzling animations, and more.

Here’s a list of these features that make world cricket championship 2 very interesting:

  1. Cricket Tournaments: Owing to several options available as far as the competitions are concerned in World Cricket Championship 2, you can play several cricket formats in mobile cricket. Users can choose from 11 different competitions, including the Champions Trophy, World Cup, Asia Cup, and T20 cricket, and compete in forms like the ODI series, Test cricket, IPL, or T20 cricket.
  2. Multiple Batting Shots: In mobile cricket gaming, users can enjoy famous shots such as Helicopter Shots, Upper Cuts, among other strokes.
  3. Multiplayer Cricket Mode: In WCC2, there are online multiplayer option with 1v1 and 1vN. Here the players can play the offline multiplayer mode, the 1vN multiplayer mode, or the solo 1v1 mode.
  4. Animations (Batting and bowling): You can play cricket online with 150 batting animations, 29 bowling actions, and bat controls.
  5. Game Highlights: Play the game, enjoy your performance and then save all the action once the game ends.



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150K+ Rating

150K+ Rating


Frequently Asked Questions about WCC2 Games

Winning real cash in WCC2 is super easy if you know how to ace the game. With every game you win you get enormous prizes, real money rewards and much more. Start playing WCC2 on WinZO and enjoy the thrilling gameplay.

Yes, WinZO’s platform and its offerings are safe and secure for its users. There are multiple fraud detection tools available which enables WinZO to ensure the safety and security of its users.

WinZO WCC offers the following formats currently; Batting; Bat & Bowl.

Yes, WCC is a game of skill. A game of cricket requires the batsman to analyze the speed and length of each delivery and accordingly to respond to each delivery. Thus, accuracy, apt decision making, presence of mind are essential elements in scoring runs in a game of cricket. It is therefore our view that a game of cricket is a game of skill.

Different number/amount of coins are allotted for different shots, for example - a player gets 1 coin for every single and 6 coins for every four. Every time you bat or bowl you earn coins as per your performance.

WCC cricket can be played at the WinZO app. The platform offers exciting features and ensures a fairplay. You also get chances of winning real cash with all your wins.

It is a game played individually, however, you get a team of 11 players that can be planned according to your preferences.