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Play 29 Card Games Online with Friends

Play 29 Card Games Online with Friends

Players: 2-4
Genres: Card Game
Playing time: 5 mins
The 29 card game is believed to be a variety of the 28 card game, played in North India and Bangladesh. The purpose of the game is to attain or surpass the bid that is targetted. In general, the twenty-nine is played with 4 players featuring partnership between 2 players. This game involves solely 32 cards of a classic 52 card deck having 8 cards per suit. The rank of the cards are followed in this pattern - J, 9, A, and 10 as high, whereas K, Q, 8, 7 as low.
You have to win tricks that possess valuable cards. A bait is a hand in a trick-taking game. The players will be dispatching a single card in a trick. The participant who has the highest value card takes the cards while playing the 29 game tricks. Continue reading to know all about it, including 29 game rules and strategies.
  • Open the Winzo App and select 29 card game.

  • Choose the boot amount to proceed further.

  • Click on 'Play Now' on the bottom of the screen to get your game started.

  • Each card in this game has some value and there are also no value cards. All the jacks fetches the maximum value, that is, of 3 points, followed by nines & aces — fetching 2 points and 1 point respectively. All the tens of the game provides 1 point each.

  • As there are cards with no value too, kings, queens, eights, sevens have no value and gives 0 points.

  • This makes a total of 28 points. A point is given for the last trick which makes a total of 29 points.

  • All the players are provided with four cards first and then they the bidding process starts. Here the players declare the expected score that can be reached according to them. Kindly note that the lower bid can not be less than 16, whereas the highest must not exceed 28.

  • The player will also be declaring a trump card, that is an expected suit that may have the maximum value in the game.

  • After bidding, the players get four more cards and the main game commences. The challengers are supposed to bring down cards, and the player with highest value collects all cards, and get the points those card posses.

  • To win the game, you have to certain that you collect all cards put down as that will fetch you maximum points. If you have reached the target by the end then you will win the game.


Rules to Play 29 Card Game


The 29 card game is played among 4 players with 2 players playing in groups.


All the 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s are removed from the respective suites and each player is given a set. These are used as trump cards.


The 29 card game is played among 4 players with 2 players playing in groups.


All the 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s are removed from the respective suites and each player is given a set. These are used as trump cards.


Js, 9s, As and 10s fetch 3,2,1 and 1 points respectively. All the participants have four of these cards.


The trick commences with the player to the left of the dealer. The players are expected to follow the suit if possible. The player who is unable to follow suit will ask the bidder for the trump suit and then the trump suit is showcased to everyone.

Tips and Tricks of 29 Card Game Online


Lower Cards

Fling lower cards first and then proceed towards higher cards.

Stay Organised

Keep a meticulous check on the count of the cards thrown.

Practice is the Key

Start with free games initially and once you gain confidence, you can indulge money. The game also gives you a chance to win real cash.

Highest Value Card

After the trump is declared, the highest value card from the suit will win the trick.

The Final Trick

You need to play tricks with your highest valued cards. The final trick fetches an extra point bringing in the total to 29.

The Challengers

After the declaration of trumps, challengers who have a King and Queen announce the possession of Royals. However, this can be done after winning a trick.

Interesting Facts about 29 Card Game

The Origin Story – 29 Card Game, the Great Indian Game

29 or 28 Card Game

29 card game is quite similar to 28 and is believed to be descended from the 304 game.


The Foreign Connection

The game originated in India, however, it is believed to have some relation to the European family of Jass card that originated in the Netherlands.


Popular in the City

Its variant 28 is quite popular in Bihar as it originated in the Lakhisarai district of Bihar.


Winning Real Cash

It is one of those card based games that give you a chance to win real cash.


Playing 29 Card Game on WinZO is Safe?

Yes, playing all kind of games is completely safe on Winzo. Whether you wish to play 29 card game or rummy, you can initially start with free games and then switch to money-based challenges if you wish to win real cash. However, it is not mandatory to involve money and you can always proceed with free challenges. While playing money based games, the amount that you have won, instantly gets credited to your account as soon as you win a game.

Is It Legal to Play 29 Card Game in India?

It depends upon the platform where you are playing these games. Winzo is a safe gaming platform and ensures a fare play for all its contestants. However, if you are not much sure then you can proceed with free challenges and avoid indulging your money.

How Can You Win a Game of 29 Card Game?

You can consider the following tips while playing 29 card games online:

  1. Use your lower cards first before proceeding further with higher cards.
  2. Keep on counting the number of cards thrown.
  3. Take free games first before starting with money-based games.

Frequently Asked Questions about 29 Card Game

You can play 29 card games on Winzo by downloading the app from the Appstore or Google store for free. After logging in with your registered mobile number, you can proceed further by choosing 29 card game snippets.

The more you play the game, you will gain more confidence along with setting up your own strategies to ace in the game. However, the following are the important points to be kept in mind while playing 29 card games online: The 29 card game is played between 4 players and all the 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s are removed from the respective suites. These are used as trump cards. All the Js, 9s, As and 10s fetch 3,2,1 and 1 points respectively. All the participants are given four cards when the game starts. Play tricks with your highest value cards to win the game.

All the players have there unique strategies of winning 29 card games and the more you play, the more experience you gain about facing the challenging situations. However, you must try to use lower value cards first and then proceed with higher value cards and keep on counting the the number of rounds as the game proceeds, so that you can execute the gameplan set by your during inception.

If you wish to win money with 29 card games then you can try playing it on the Winzo App. The platform ensure a safe gaming experience, and the money gets transferred to your Winzo account just after the game finishes, which can be later redeemed according to your preferences.

It is among the easiest card games that can be played online and involves strategic moves. You need to be attentive to the upcoming cards and plan your placements accordingly.

WinZO is known to be the best gaming app to play 29 card games. You can download the app for free and even indulge in cash-based games to win rewards with all your wins. If you wish to opt for 29 card game download then you can opt for the WinZO app.

Everyone has their own strategies to win the game and the more you play it, you develop hold of it. However, it is always wise to keep calculating the sum in your mind to avoid crossing the target of 29.

Yes, the game can be played for free on the WinZO app. If you wish to win real cash rewards with all your wins then make sure that you undertake paid boots.