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Play Pool Game Online On WinZO

Play Pool Game Online On WinZO

Players: 2-4
Genres: Table game
Playing time: < 5 min
The online pool game is referred to as the 8-ball pool which is among the most relaxing indulgences available in the online arena. The game serves to be a perfect source of entertainment for those who wish to escape the mundane and break the monotony of spending time in casual games. The pool game is played on a 6-pocket pool table with a complete rack of 15 balls and a cue ball.
The goal of the pool games online is to pocket all seven of the coloured balls allotted to the respective player, which can either be solids or stripes. The next step is to proceed towards pocketing the 8th ball and all these balls are required to be pocketed before the opponent.
Over the years, the pool game has emerged to be a popular 1v1 battle game, where you get a chance to compete against other players in this game of 8-ball. The game is faster than snooker and billiards, the other two cue sports, which are quite similar to the classic pool game.
If you wish to play pool online and have the best gaming experience, then you can download the WinZO App on your phone and indulge in a never-ending experience. It is the most trusted gaming platform to play pool games online that also gives you a chance to win real cash rewards with all your wins. The WinZO 8 Ball Pool promises you realistic playing encounters along with a user-friendly design.
  • The item balls should be arranged in a triangle.

  • The object balls are arranged at the table's bottom end so that the apex ball is at the foot place.

  • Aside from the black ball, you can put the balls at random (numbered 8). This black ball is positioned in the third row's centre.

  • When the game begins, a coin is tossed to determine who will break first.

  • Following that, the break is taken in turns.

  • To make a legal break, the player must strike the balls while ensuring that four balls hit cushions and the cue-ball does not land in a pocket.

  • If a player pockets an 8-ball, he or she has the right to request a re-rack.

  • When a player pots an object ball, he will continue to pot balls (his group), while the opponent pockets the other group.

  • When a player has pocketed all of his group balls, he is entitled to pocket the 8-ball.


Game Rules of Pool Game


A good break sometimes can be a deciding factor between running a table or losing the game. To make sure the break shot is legal, the breaker should either pocket a small number ball or drive at least 4 number balls to one or more rails.


The player who breaks the rack takes the chance first. If the player pockets a ball in the first go, he/she continues to play until and unless the player misses a hit/ pocketing a ball or ends up making a foul.


A good break sometimes can be a deciding factor between running a table or losing the game. To make sure the break shot is legal, the breaker should either pocket a small number ball or drive at least 4 number balls to one or more rails.


The player who breaks the rack takes the chance first. If the player pockets a ball in the first go, he/she continues to play until and unless the player misses a hit/ pocketing a ball or ends up making a foul.


The player is either allocated solids or stripes, depending on who pockets which ball after the break. Whichever player is able to pocket a ball first without a foul as per their respective turns gets the advantage of choosing.


The game of Pool is all about aiming in the right direction which can only be achieved with great focus and this rule which aids you to aim better.The player needs to drag the cue stick in a circular direction to get the right aim at the ball.

Pool Game Tips and Tricks


Before you begin playing the game, select your game mode

It is best to start with an easy setting and work your way up to more difficult levels. This will allow you to develop your skills and improve your shot without sacrificing too much. The tougher modes usually involve a larger stake or coins, and you must name the pocket before firing.

Keep an eye on your power

If you want to pocket the balls and win the game, the power with which you take the shot is equally vital. In many circumstances, a gentle touch aids in ball pocketing, whereas in others, a direct full force stroke aids in ball pocketing.The use of strength or force while pushing the cue ball with a cue stick takes practise, and there is no guaranteed method to predict what force will work for you. The only golden rule is to put it into practise.

Extend your purpose

Extending your aim provides you with a clear picture of your objective and how your cue ball will move. When you aim, a short imaginary line appears to guide you in which direction the ball will roll on the table. It is always best to view the imaginary line, understand it, and then push your cue stick in the proper direction to move your cue ball.

Take less time to shoot

Remember that there is a clock ticking whenever you aim and try to refine your aim. If you do not fire within the time limit, your turn is given to the next player. So keep a close eye on the time. You only have a limited amount of time to aim, extend, and shoot.

Pot the correct balls

Always make sure to not pot the wrong balls, make game harder for opponent. If any player does not pot the right/correct balls the person will have to experience a deduction in their score or a penalty in some forms of the game.

Master shots

Do not try many shots and master some basic shots of the game. Most of the times alot of new players tend to try and play bigger or more difficult shots due to desire for higher rewards but doing so will not bring you any fruitful results.

Interesting Facts about Pool Game

Best 8 ball pool online

Lawn Game

Pool evolved from a lawn game similar to croquet in the 15th century


Cue Stick

Before cue stick came into picture pool was played with a mace


Everyone's Game

Pool has been played by masses and royal families and is known as Everyone's game


Billiard Cloth

Billiard table's cloth has always been made from wool since its inception


Common Fouls in Online Pool Game

  1. Lack of Rail Contact- In the case when no ball is pocketed then, at least the cue ball or the object ball must come in contact with the rail.
  2. Scratch - Even if you successfully pocket an object ball, if the cue ball falls into any pocket, you scratch and lose your turn.
  3. Hitting the Opposing Player’s Object Ball - A shot any player takes with the cue ball has to contact a ball of their own suit first, post each player’s suit is defined. If the cue ball first contacts the opposing player’s object ball, it is considered to be a foul.
  4. No Rail after Contact - This occurs when the ball the player hits doesn’t touch the Pool Table rail.

Play Pool Game Online on WinZO

  1. Based on the first ball you potted after the break shot, you’ll be assigned either solids or stripes.
  2. To take a shot, adjust the red dot to set stick’s impact point and give cue ball a spin.
  3. Pull down the stick and release the shot. Pull more for more power.
  4. One can drag the stick anywhere on the table to set the shot’s direction.

How to Win Pool Games Online

If you wish to win online pool games everytime you play then you must consider the following points:

  1. The online pool game comes up with variations and its always wise to choose the game mode in advance.
  2. You must know all the pool game rules to avoid foul and penalties.
  3. Always break the triangular rack in the perfect manner to have your balls alighned accordingly.
  4. Remain focused to your group of balls rather than misplacing your opponents' balls.
  5. Practice on your stronger sides to purvey a mind blowing performance.

How to Download Pool Online Game on Android

The following are the steps for pool game download on your android phone:

  1. Open your phone browser and visit the official website of WinZO at
  2. Enter your registered mobile number to receive the app banner through SMS.
  3. Now, you will receive an SMS on your mobile number carrying a download link to the app.
  4. Tap on the link and proceed further to download.
  5. You will get a pop-up informing that the file might harm your device and will ask for your confirmation to download it.
  6. You can select ‘ok’ as WinZO is a 100% safe app and ensures smooth experiences.
  7. After downloading the app, open it and proceed further by installing it on your device.
  8. Complete your signing-in formalities by mentioning the registered mobile number and add details, including your age and city.
  9. Accept the terms and conditions and get ready to play your favourite pool game.

How to Download Pool Games on iOS

For iPhone users, the following is the process for pool game download on WinZO app and play online pool games.

  1. Open the app store and search for WinZO.
  2. The app will appear on the top. Tap on the 'download' option and proceed further by installing the app.
  3. After downloading, open the app and proceed to signing up.
  4. Now, you need to mention your mobile number for registration. You will get an OTP on the same number for confirmation.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions and get proceeded to the multiple games options.
  6. Tap on the pool games and start playing your favourite game.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pool Games

WinZO is always mindful of all checks and balances required to maximize user safety and security. Our fraud detection methods are water tight and do not allow unfair or unsafe game play. Therefore, WinZO and all games onboard are safe and secure.

WinZO Pool is currently available in one competitive format named ‘Lucky Loser’.

To be able to win you will have to pot the ‘8 ball’ after all other assigned balls have been potted. Should you pot the ‘8 ball’ earlier than the others, you shall lose the game.

You would have committed a foul if: You’ve potted the Cue ball No ball hits the rail The first impact is not on one of your assigned balls.

Pool requires significant demonstration of skills like dexterity, strategic thinking, logic, attention, practice, adroitness, superior knowledge of the game and precision and hence qualifies as a game of skill.

A pool game is played with 22 balls consisting of a cue ball (white ball), 15 red balls and six numbered coloured balls.

There’s no option to change your name only for the online pool game. Any user can change their profile name.

Any user can invite a friend by sharing the referral link of the app. The new user can join using the same link and play the WinZO Pool Game online.

Having the right grip is very important in Pool. Therefore every player should focus on working on their grip. Many beginners in pool and billiards make the mistake of grasping the cue too tightly.

In the 1340s, a recognisable variant of billiards was played outside, resembling croquet. The first documented indoor billiard table was owned by King Louis XI of France (1461–1483).