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Ludo Game Rules

Ludo rules are quite easy to understand and if you wish to be a winner then you must know the rules thoroughly. Knowing a few basic things about ludos such as players taking turns in clockwise order and pieces can only be opened by rolling a six on the dice, are the elements of gameplay. However, there are quite many detailed things that you must know when it comes to ludo rules otherwise you might not be able to understand what's happening on the board. If you wish to know all the ludo game rules then continue reading.

5 Essential Ludo Rules

The following are the 5 essential rules of ludo that you must know before playing the game:

1. Game participants

The foremost thing to understand is that ludo can be played among two to four players. Whether you are playing it in an online mode on the WinZO app or playing offline, you always need to remember that there must be two players or four players to commence the game. As the selected players proceed towards the start, a specific colour is designated for each player.

2. Route of pieces

Each player gets four pieces of their respective colour and the aim is to make them enter the house of the same colour as early as possible. The pieces move according to the number rolled on the dice. Suppose if the dice roll 5 on your chance then you can move your piece 5 steps ahead. You can open all your pieces in the initial times of the game and keep them spread out on the entire route to remain paced up in the game.

3. Opening a piece

When the game commences, all the pieces are placed in the yard of your dedicated colour. These pieces can only be opened whenever the dice roll six during your chance. It is not always necessary that you get a six on dice and at times you need to wait for it. Until then, all your chances go futile. Kindly note that while playing ludo, it is important to open all your pieces as early as possible so that you always have a backup if any of your pieces gets eliminated.

4. Eliminating or cutting others’ pieces

Cutting or eliminating other players’ pieces is an important part of the ludo game. While playing ludo, suppose your opponent’s piece is four steps ahead of you and on your chance dice rolls four, in such a case you can eliminate the opponent’s token. However, you need to be careful about certain issues like if the opponent piece is on a safe point (there are 8 safe points on a ludo board), then you can not cut their token.

5. Reaching home

Your piece can enter the home area only after completing the round. If in case, it gets eliminated in between then your piece goes back to the yard and you need to complete the entire journey from the start. To complete the game, you need to make sure that all the pieces of your colour enter the home of your dedicated colour. The player who ensures that all four pieces enter the house is declared the winner, as per the ludo rules.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ludo Rules

Whenever a six is rolled on the dice, the player gets an additional roll after completing the move. However in case, the same is rolled three times, the player loses the turn.

    Ludo is a skill-based game and you need to have a set strategy if you wish to be the winner.

      It is not mandatory to eliminate other players’ pieces but if you wish to be a winner in the game then you need to be faster than others. This can be done by eliminating their pieces.

        Ideally, there are five basic rules to play ludo. However, this also depends upon the platform on which you are playing the game. Everyone has a different way of featuring the game.

          Usually, there are 8 safe spots on a ludo board, the four starting squares of each colour and the other four squares labelled with a shield.



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