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How to Play Ludo

Ludo, the famous board game has turned out to be the favourite online game for many players. This strategic game can be played between two or four players and involves get gameplay. If you wish to know how to play ludo then continue reading to know all about the game.

Points to Remember while Playing Ludo

After understanding how to play ludo, here are a few points that you must remember while playing the game:

  1. A piece always opens whenever you roll a six on the dice
  2. You get a subsequent chance whenever you roll a six during your chance.
  3. You can use the eight safe spots during your journey toward home to avoid the pieces getting cut.
  4. You need to make all your pieces reach the home before anyone else does the same to be the winner.
  5. Never miss a chance of cutting other players’ pieces as you need to slow down their pace if you wish to stay ahead in the game.

Ludo Game Setup

Before understanding how to play a ludo game, it is important to know its setup. The online board is square in shape and each corner is dedicated to colour. There are always four yards where the respective pieces are placed and a route that connects all these yards to each other and their dedicated houses that belong of the same colour.

4 Steps To Play Ludo

  1. When the ludo game commences, each player gets a colour. All the player receives four pieces of the allotted colour that are placed in the yard of the respective colour. The game starts with the rolling of dice and it gets transferred to all the players in the clockwise direction.
  2. A player can open a piece only when a six is rolled on the dice and an additional chance is also given in the consecutive turn. As soon as a piece is opened, the player attempts to cover the entire adjoining route to reach the house of the respective colour. The same criteria is followed for other pieces too.
  3. Meanwhile, the process of obstructing others’ way and eliminating their token remains an important element of the game and the same can happen with your pieces too. This means that an opponent may cut your token and it will go back to the yard. Whenever you roll a six on the dice, you can open it again and bring it back into the game.
  4. The player who successfully makes all the pieces reach the home earliest is declared to be the winner. Knowing how to play ludo before actually indulging in the game helps you perform well and get a better score in the game. Always remember that ludo is a strategic game and the more you play, the better you get the understanding of the game.


Ludo is certainly one of the leading online games to escape the mundane. Now, when you know how to play ludo, it's time for you to download the WinZO app and indulge in a never-ending gaming experience. You can also win real cash rewards here by winning the challenges of your favourite games.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Play Ludo

Yes, you can play ludo on online gaming platforms. WinZO is one of the most trusted gaming apps in India to play ludo games online.

    Winning a ludo game depends upon your personal gameplay and strategy. However, you can follow the below-mentioned tips that might help you in winning a ludo game:

    • Open all your pieces as early as possible.
    • Eliminate your opponents’ tokens whenever possible.
    • Try to keep all your pieces active in the game
    • Remain spread out over the board to obstruct others’ way.
    • Reside over safe spots whenever possible.

    The starting point in the ludo game varies for each player, as it depends upon the allotted colour. Whenever the pieces are out of the yard, the spot where they are placed will be the starting point for you.

      There is no special way of rolling a six on the dice. However, many of the players believe to have a hack of it. But the reality is that there is no exclusive way of getting it.



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