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Ludo Game Online

Ludo Game Online

Players: 2-4
Genres: Board Game
Playing time: 5 mins
Ludo game is one of the most popular board games in India. The game has its roots related to the bygone game of 'Pachisi,' which was a bit more tricky and the present-day Ludo game is a simplified version of it. We know you have a lot of childhood memories associated with the Ludo game, and it has managed to keep you entertained up to this point.
Ludo’s popularity has brought it to our fingertips, allowing us to play with random players without having to hunt for a partner. The board game is a multiplayer strategy board game to be played between a minimum of two people. Every player is provided with four tokens each and a single dice is shared. If you wish to play ludo online then here’s everything that you need to know!
Rolling the dice and moving the pieces with a set strategy to reach the home of your respective colour is the prime gameplay of ludo game. Obstructing the way and cutting other’s pieces to slow the pace of their game are the elements that adds excitement to Ludo. This is one such game that can be played with family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers & experts challenging each other over the online gaming arena.
If you love playing ludo online game and wish to know all about it, including ludo rules, how to play, tricks, strategies, expert advice, etc. then continue reading for all the essentials about your favourite game!

How to Play Ludo Online

How to play ludo game online

Select Ludo from Game-list

Step to play ludo game

Choose Free Play option from Boot Amount Menu

How to play online ludo game

Enjoy the game

  • While learning How to Play Ludo the first thing that you need to know is that the can be played amongst two to four players.

  • You can choose Ludo game and play for free or for your choice of the boot amount.

  • Place all of your pieces in the appropriate colour pocket.

  • Roll the die to see who goes first.

  • After you've opened your pawn, roll the dice to see how many squares you can move it.

  • After moving a pawn, you must end your turn and pass the die to the next player.

  • Continue to roll and move your pawns at the start of each turn.

  • By landing on the same space as your opponent's pawn, you can capture it.

  • To win the game, you must first reach the home space with all four of your pawns.


Rules of Ludo Game Online


On getting a 6 on the dice, you can choose to bring out a fresh token into the game or move ahead with an existing piece on the path. (if all of your tokens are not in the game yet).


While playing the ludo online, you get an extra turn every time you roll a 6 on the die. If you roll a 6 on the second time as well then you will be allowed one more chance to roll the die and the then total sum of all 3 chances is what you’ll have to move on the board.


On getting a 6 on the dice, you can choose to bring out a fresh token into the game or move ahead with an existing piece on the path. (if all of your tokens are not in the game yet).


While playing the ludo online, you get an extra turn every time you roll a 6 on the die. If you roll a 6 on the second time as well then you will be allowed one more chance to roll the die and the then total sum of all 3 chances is what you’ll have to move on the board.


Every player rolls dice and moves the tokens as per the exact roll towards the player's home column squares. Moving your tokens out of turn or moving your tokens more columns than what came in the die is not acceotable.


Each player is given one chance to roll the dice alternatively unless they get a six on their die in which case the chances to roll the die for that one person increases. Rolling the die out of turn is unfair and might be considered as a foul.

Ludo Online Game Tricks


Keep all your tokens open

We all understand that no one has any control over rolling 6s. Anytime you roll a 6 (unknowingly), you must open all your tokens. Which makes it easier to make the next move when one of your tokens reaches the home triangle.

Don't ever race a single token only

The only way to win Ludo game online is by moving all your tokens simultaneously instead of moving one token at a time. Try to distribute your tokens evenly over the board. This would aid in the formation of a block or the capture of other opponents' tokens, allowing you to win. This is an important trick to win the Ludo online game.

Seize the tokens of the Opponents

Ludo game isn't about spreading your tokens across the board after you've opened them all. It's also about capturing the opponent's token and returning it to their playing field. As a result, you should capture your opponent's tokens whenever you get the opportunity.

Clog the opponent's token

If you're having trouble capturing your opponent's tokens, you can try blocking them. They won't be able to move past your token or take your tokens this way. The secret to your success is to keep a watchful eye on every token on the board. It goes without saying that you must act while keeping an eye on the situation.

Keep Your Tokens Safe

Aside from your playing field, there are a variety of ways and methods to keep your tokens secure all over the board. Never move a token nearing the home triangle; instead, move tokens that are less likely to be taken by the opponents. Your gameplay involves moving your tokens wisely around the board, and you should be thinking about it as you do so.

Decide your gameplay

As you proceed to play ludo online, you have a choice between going for victory or killing your opponent, you should choose your decision before the game begins. You must kill the opponent if you choose to be aggressive. If you want to play it safe, you should play a safe game and focus on winning.

Interesting Facts about Ludo Online

Ludo Game, the great indian game

Mahabharata Mention

The original game is described in the Mahabharata where Shakuni uses cursed dice to beat the Pandavas


Latin Word

Ludo is a Latin word that means “I play”. The earlier name of Ludo was “Pachisi


Game of Mughals

Ludo was the oldest game played by the Mughal emperors


Changes with time

The game was earlier played with cowries, but later it was modified to use a cubic die with a dice cup


Can We Select Four Friends in Ludo Online Game?

Ludo since the beginning is a multiplayer game be it online or offline. The game can be played with four players in a competitive yet friendly manner. However, choosing the people you play Ludo game online with is a hard task on the app. The core belief of a multiplayer game is to create an interactive and social gaming environment. The app chooses 3 other players apart from you to play the Ludo game online. All the four players are mostly strangers to each other but build a bond by playing the game online. This develops a community like experience between the players on the WinZO App.

Why Is Ludo Online So Popular?

Ludo game is a popular game in India since practically every Indian has grown up playing it. So there was obviously a demand for Ludo online. Another reason we feel online Ludo is popular is its simple, colourful graphics. It includes a simple gameplay and rules that are simple to follow. This game can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from the youngest in the family to the oldest; they all like a game of Ludo.

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Ludo cash games are becoming increasingly popular, since they offer a chance to win real money while having fun and competing against other players. Apart from this, you can play Ludo online from the comfort of your home provided there is an Internet connection.

If you're new to the world of Ludo cash games, don't worry – it's easy to get started. Simply download WinZO since it offers Ludo cash games. Now, create an account, get yourself registered and start playing against other players for real cash prizes. With a little practice and luck, you could be the next big winner of a real cash Ludo game.

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How to Download Game

Download WinZO Ludo for Android & iPhone is very easy. You Just need to visit ludo download page by clicking on the given link - from your mobile phone and follow proper instructions.

Why Play Ludo on WinZO?

  1. WinZO is an absolutely safe and secure social gaming platform. All games listed on the platform are safe and fair. There are also enhanced levels of fraud detection mechanisms to restrict fraudulent play. WinZO is a fair and safe platform for playing online Ludo game.
  2. Once you enter the WinZO app, the wait time to enter a match with opponents is fairly negligible. At the same time, there are numerous tournaments where you can challenge your friends and get the chance to win real money. Once you win money, you can also transfer your winnings instantly to your bank account.
  3. Experience unmatched graphics and an interface that will make the experience of playing the game rather fun.
  4. WinZO also promises complete data security as well as identity privacy for all its users Additionally players can avail of 24x7 customer support and can get all their questions answered at any time of the day.



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150K+ Rating

150K+ Rating


Frequently Asked Questions about Ludo Game

WinZO has multiple checks and balances in place to enhance user safety and security. WinZO ensures that there is fair play in all its games and is a safe platform for its users to rely on.

There is only one format of Ludo game available on WinZO, however, this can be played in both a free-to-play or a pay-to-play version.

Yes, Ludo game requires demonstration of skills like dexterity, strategic thinking, logic, attention and superior knowledge of the game and hence qualifies as a game of skill.

The objective of the ludo game is to move pieces around the board to the home triangle.

Yes, you can play Ludo Game on WinZO for free and you can also choose to play at different boot amounts.

There is no one trick that can make anyone win ludo game but following all tips shared with you above or by creating and applying goood strategies you can make sure to win a game of Ludo.

Relive your childhood Ludo game but this make real money while doing it. Practice your game with free play option on WinZO app and then play with different boot amounts in order to make more money from the Ludo game.

The Ludo game can be played between multiplayers depending on the platform you are playing on. Two to four players can easily play Ludo at the same time on the WinZO app.

Yes, ludo game is a strategic game, and you need to have a plan to be a winner. The following are a few ludo tricks to play ludo and be the winner: 1. Try to open all your pieces as early as possible and give them a role in the game, rather than making them reside on the first step. 2. Obstruct other’s way as much as possible and cut your opponents’ piece whenever you get a chance. 3. While your tokens are spread out on the route, you can make the less moving ones reside over a safe point.

The WinZO games give you a chance to win real cash by winning ludo game on daily basis. You can also take part in an exclusive ludo championship and win a handsome amount! You can participate in the paid boot on WinZO by spending a minimal amount and if you win the game you get cash rewards that get credited to your WinZO account immediately. Later, you can encash it in your preferred way.

Ludo is a board game that was discovered in the 6th century in India.

Online Ludo is an online multiplayer game on WinZO. You and your friends can download the WinZO app and start playing ludo online.

A six is rolled on an extra turn while playing Ludo.

In order to be good and win at Ludo, you have to understand the rules and strategize accordingly.

Ludo is free, safe, and seamless on the WinZO app. All you need to do is to download the WinZO app and get started.