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Play Dots and Boxes Game on WinZO

Play Dots and Boxes Game on WinZO

Players: 2
Genres: Board Game
Playing time: 2 mins
You must have played Dots and Boxes during your childhood when you and your mates would draw numerous dots on a paper and the one who matches the maximum number of boxes wins the game. Today, the paper and pen setup has been overtaken by the screen of your phone or tablet but the excitement and gameplay remain the same. The inception of Dots and Boxes can be traced back to the 19th century when it was published by a French mathematician Édouard Lucas. He named the game La Pipopipette, and since then it was given numerous names, such as dots and dashes, the game of dots, boxes, and many more.
While playing Dots and boxes online, the game commences with an empty grid with multiple dots. The players are supposed to add a single line during their chance. It can be either a horizontal or vertical line between the two dots. The one who completes all four sides, forming a 1x1 box, earns one point and gets an additional chance. The game completes when there are no more dots to form a line. The player who makes the maximum boxes is announced to be the winner of the game. Playing Dots and Boxes on WinZO App gives you a chance to win real cash with all your wins.

How to Play Dots and Boxes Game Online

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Play the game

  • Download the WinZO App and complete your registration.

  • Click on Dots and Boxes, and choose whether you wish to play a freeboot or indulge in cash-based challenges.

  • You will be navigated to the main game page.

  • During your turn, drag between two horizontal or vertical dots to draw a line.

  • As you draw the 4th wall, it completes and you win it. You get an additional chance whenever you win a box.

  • Keep joining the dots until all squares are formed. The player who has the maximum number of squares wins.

  • Try to create multiple boxes in a go, to win the challenge.


Game Rules Of Dots and Boxes


Dots and Boxes start with a blank grid of dots. You need to plan your moves to make maximum boxes within a given time.


Try to set such a pattern that you get a maximum number of boxes with lesser moves.


Dots and Boxes start with a blank grid of dots. You need to plan your moves to make maximum boxes within a given time.


Try to set such a pattern that you get a maximum number of boxes with lesser moves.


The player who connects the fourth side of a 1x1 box wins that respective box and earns a point.


The game finishes either when all the boxes are claimed or time gets over. The one with the maximum number of boxes will win the game.

Tips and Tricks of Dots and Boxes Online Game


Set Pattern

Rather than just joining the dots initially, you must set patterns in your mind that can make you form more boxes in a go. The one with maximum boxes wins the game.

Mathematical Analysis

Always remember that it is a game based on mathematics and your smarter moves can make you win the game. Always use planned techniques if you wish to win the game.

Be an Early Bird

You know that you need to complete the game within a limited time. Try to keep yourself paced up and keep making boxes simultaneously wherever possible, rather than waiting for the last minute.

Multiple Boxes with a Line

While playing the game, you will realize that you can form 2 boxes by drawing a single line. Always look for such opportunities to get more points.

Interesting Facts About Dots and Boxes Game


The Dots and Boxes game was introduced in the 19th century by a French mathematician Édouard Lucas.



The game was initially named La Pipopipette, and was called dots and dashes, the game of dots, boxes, etc. with the passage of time.



It is a brain-churning game and is based on the concepts of mathematics.


Math Idea

The game is based on spatial reasoning and logical deduction.


How to Win Dots and Boxes Game Online

If you wish to win the game then you must understand the rules and tricks to be an expert player. The following are the important points to be kept in mind:

  1. You need to plan your moves from the start of the game to make maximum boxes within time.
  2. Set patterns while joining the dots to make a maximum number of boxes with lesser moves.
  3. Whenever you connect all the fourth sides of a 1x1 box, you earn points.
  4. The game finishes either when all the boxes are claimed or time gets over. The one with Try to join all the dots as early as possible and make the maximum number of boxes to win the game.

Features of Dots and Boxes

For generations, people of all ages have enjoyed the classic pencil-and-paper game Dots and Boxes. Here are some of the key features of the game:

Simple Rules

Dots and Boxes are extremely easy to learn and hence, it can be played by all age groups - regardless of age or experience.

Strategic Gameplay

Despite the rules being rather simple, the gameplay needs to be strategic as players have to think and plan several moves ahead.

Two-Player Game

Another great feature of Bots and Boxes is that the game can be played with two players. This makes it a great choice for a quick game with a friend or family member.

Endless Variations

Since this is a simple game, there are plenty of variations and this includes different board sizes, shapes, and rule variations, allowing players to mix things up and keep the game fresh.

Low Tech

Dots and Boxes require only a pencil and paper - this makes it a great game to play on-the-go or in situations where electronic devices are not available.

No Luck Involved

There is absolutely no luck involved here. Dots and Boxes game is entirely skill-based and hence, it is a great choice for players who love formulating strategies.

Great for Developing Logic and Reasoning Skills

Children and adults who want to develop their reasoning skills will find this game a great choice.

Dots and Boxes Download for iOS

If you have an iPhone or iPad then you can download the Winzo app to play Dots and Boxes. The following are the quick steps to download it:

  1. Visit the app store and type WinZO in the search bar.
  2. You will see the app on the top. Select the 'download' option and proceed further by installing the app.
  3. After the app is downloaded, open it and move forward with signing up.
  4. Enter your mobile number for registration and you will receive an OTP on the same.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions and you will see multiple games on your screen.
  6. Tap on the snippet showing Dots and Boxes and start playing your favourite game.

Dots and Boxes Download for Android

The following are the steps to download the Dots and Boxes online game on your Android phone or tablet:

  1. Open your mobile browser and visit the official website of WinZO at
  2. Provide your mobile number to get the app banner.
  3. Soon, you will receive an SMS on the same mobile number with a link to download the app.
  4. Select the link and proceed further to download the app.
  5. You may get a pop-up stating that the file might harm your device and that would you like to download it? Select ok as WinZO is a 100% safe app and ensures smooth experiences for all its players.
  6. After the app is downloaded on your device, click on the open button and proceed further with the installation.
  7. Complete the signing-in formalities with your registered mobile number and mention your age and city.
  8. Accept the terms and conditions and then you are ready to play the game.
  9. Open the app and choose your favourite Dots and Boxes game and start playing it.



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150K+ Rating


Frequently asked questions about Dots and Boxes

According to the combinatorial game theory, the Dots and Boxes is an impartial game and the players can analyze many positions by using Sprague–Grundy theory. But, you may find that the game has an absence of the normal play convention, complicating the analysis.

There can be a maximum of two players on a table while playing this game

The best tip to win the game is to form such a pattern that makes your form a maximum number of boxes with limited moves.

Yes, you can play Dots and Boxes game with friends who are not in the same location as you. With WinZO, you can friends to join your game, even if they are in a different location.

It is not possible to cheat in Dots and Boxes game online on WinZO as there are several safety measures in place.