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Play Connect 4 Game Online On WinZO

Play Connect 4 Game Online On WinZO

Players: 2
Genres: Strategy Game
Playing time: 5 mins
The connect 4 game is an online activity that involves tricks and can be played by kids as well as adults. The game originated in 1974 and became a perfect rescue for gamers and those interested in escaping boring hours of the day as it is quite easy to play and one needs a variety of techniques to win it.
It is one of the best activities to churn your brain and develop strategies to face difficulties in day to day life. Its online version comes with varied blends along with a multiplayer setting, making you challenge others or have interesting hours with your friends. On Winzo, you can play connect 4 games with your friends or ace players from across the world.
  • Download the Winzo App and select Connect 4 Game.

  • Choose the boot amount or the free game, according to your preference.

  • Click on 'Play Now' to proceed with the game.

  • Winzo’s Connect four game is an online frolic where players are required to create a line using four disks of the same colour. You must position shaded disks on the column until you place 4 in a common row which can be either horizontal or vertical and even diagonal, according to your convenience.

  • It gets challenging when the screen gets filled with discs. In order to avoid such situations, you need to remain calm and composed while playing the game and simultaneously plan your upcoming moves.

  • The prime intent of the online connect four games is to place the four pieces of your colour as early as possible and it can be a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of the same colour.


Game Rules Of Connect 4 Game


The game is played against an opponent and both the participants have 21 discs each.


The disc always gets placed on the lowest empty slot of the respective column.


The game is played against an opponent and both the participants have 21 discs each.


The disc always gets placed on the lowest empty slot of the respective column.


It is a turn-based game and after you place your disc, the opponent places their disc.


You need to obstruct the challenger from gathering four pieces in a row by placing your colour discs in between.

Connect 4 Game Tips and Tricks


Straight Lines

Create your line using the discs of your colour as early as possible. Always remember that it needs to be a straight line and can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

Always be Prepared

While placing your first intended line, keep the next move in mind because the opponent may obstruct your way by placing their disc in between, you will have to start from inception again and again.

Disc Colors

The colour of the disc depends upon the chosen level and your previous win.

Decide your Column

You need to click on the column where you want your disc to be placed.

Multi Dimensional Moves

Always make a move that enables you to form lines in more than one way. This will help you in reaching the goal early.

Use Minimal Area

Remember that the board gets filled quickly with vertical and diagonal lines, try to use minimal area vertically to ensure that you have enough time to plan your winning line.

Interesting Facts About Connect 4 Game

The Origin Story – Connect 4, the Great Indian Game


The roots of the connect 4 game can be traced back to the year 1974.



The player who commences the Connect 4 game online possesses more chances of winning the game.



An ideal connect 4 rack comprises 6 rows and 7 columns.



Mathematically, there are 4,531,985,219,092 probable standings on a traditional Connect 4 game board.


Playing Connect 4 Games on WinZO is Safe?

Yes, Winzo is one of the safest gaming platforms with over 7 crore active users from across the world. Winzo ensures fair play for all the players and you can opt for over 100+ games to escape the mundane. Connect 4 games is one of the easiest and trending activities and is counted as an ideal brain game for kids and adults.

Is Playing Connect 4 Illegal?

No, playing online connect 4 games is not illegal. There is no nationwide law in India that deals with prohibits online games. Challengers can play these games at trusted and secured online gaming apps and websites. In recent years, Winzo has emerged to be the most trusted online gaming platform in India.

How Can You Win a Connect 4 Game?

If you wish to win a connect 4 online games then you need to involve strategy and patience. The following are the tricks to win connect 4 games:

  1. Make sure that you create a line using four discs as early as possible. Every time when it is your turn, follow your set strategy to form a straight line that can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.
  2. Keep the next move in mind while placing your discs. Always remember that your opponent will obstruct your way and you must have a backup to avoid starting from scratch again.
  3. Make a move that opens more than one way of forming a line using your discs. This helps in completing the game early.

Frequently Asked Questions about Connect 4 Game

You can download the Winzo App to play connect 4 games. Once you are on the game screen, click on the column where you want to place your disc. The aim is to create a line using 4 discs and it can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. The player who creates this line first wins the game.

You must have a strategy to win connect 4 games and every player has their own way of playing. The more you play, the greater your chance of winning. However, one of the most important tricks of winning connect 4 games is trying to create moves that have more than one chance of forming a line. Whenever the challengers try to obstruct your way, you will always have a backup!

Connect 4 game is a game that involves brain and apart from planning your moves, you also need to keep an eye on what your opponent is doing. While trying to make your line, always make sure that you obstruct your opponent’s way too if you wish to win the game.