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Call Break Rules

Call Break could well seem to be a complicated card game with a whole host of rules, but well, the rules are quite easy to understand. Once you understand the basic call break game rules, it is quite easy and fun to play. After understanding the rules of call break, you can practice by playing solo or online. All you need to do is to download the WinZO app and play the free call break card game on android or iOS.

As is the case with other card games, you have to remember the cards and then aim to be better than the opponents. You can learn the rules of call break by practicing the game either solo or with friends.

7 Essential Call Break Rules

The following are the 5 essential rules of call break that you must know before playing the game:

Here the Key Call Break Card Game Rules

These are the main call break rules that you should remember.

  1. The trump card of the game is Spade.
  2. A spade card will trump any card of any other suits irrespective of the rank. For instance, 2 of Spade will still trump Ace of any other suit.
  3. The game is played in 5 rounds. All the players involved take turns dealing the card. Every player picks a random card from the deck and then they decide the first dealer. The player who ends up with the lowest card should shuffle and deal the first round in clockwise direction.
  4. The dealer makes the last call.
  5. A set is completed when every player throws one card per turn. The player with highest card ends up clinching the set. This player than collects the cards in each set. The total number of cards is counted at the end of the round in order to determine the points. After 5 rounds, the game is won, and players can also decide the number of rounds mutually agreed upon.
  6. Once any player deals a card, the other player must throw a higher card of the same suit. The player can throw any card of the same suit if he or she does not have a higher value card of the same suit.
  7. The player must throw a spade card if he does not have any cards of the suit being played. In the absence of a spade card, he can throw any card he likes.

Tricks & Strategies to Win in Call Break Game Online

  1. Based on the rules of the Call Break card game, use the trump judiciously as it allows you to score or win the bid.
  2. Always observe the opponent to predict the risk before making a bid.
  3. Make sure you never bid with a Jack or a Queen as high cards according to rules of Call Break.
  4. At all times set your goal to win the exact amount. For instance, if you bid five calls, you must score five or more calls to win the hand.

Frequently Asked Questions about Call Break Game Rules

Call Break Card Game is a skill-based game and you need to have a set strategy if you wish to be the winner.

    During a Call Break game, spades are the trump cards, and any other suit cannot be declared a trump.

      Call Break can be won by a solid strategy. If you have the perfect skillsets to win the game, you will be a winner in Call Break Game. Practice bidding effectively and you are golden!

        The key to winning a call break game is to bag the maximum points in all the five rounds. The trick here is to predict the number of tricks you would need to win any round and then make sure that you win an equal number of tricks if not more so that your points are not deducted.

          Call break game rules are fairly simple. Call break is a 52-cards game and is played among four players. Each player gets 13 cards each in each round and it is a turn-based game.



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