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Bubble Shooter Tricks

It is very important to understand the different bubble shooter tricks if you want to excel in the game. Be a champion of this game by reading and deciphering the different tricks to ace the game and win Bubble Shooter. Read on to find out the best bubble shooter tricks to win call break and be a champion of the game!

Find out the Bubble Shooter game tricks and be a winner, always

Bubble Shooter is an extremely simple and straightforward game and while, it looks easy to play, there are rules that make it more than just what meets the eye. While the rules of Bubble Shooter are pretty straightforward, A player needs to understand them before taking the plunge. Find out the different bubble shooter tricks in this easy explainer:

Here is everything you want to know about bubble shooter game:

Always Detach Clusters That are Hanging

The primary goal in any Bubble Shooter game is to clear out the bubble. A player can achieve this by aiming at the bubble directly or by detaching them from the puzzles. This will help a player remove quite a number of rows of bubbles with minimum shots.

Try to Aim at the Walls to Increase the Shooting Range

When you want to hit a bubble that may be out of your shooting range, try to hit the walls as the trajectory will then change and you will be able to hit these bubbles.

Aim for Big Groups with the Same Color

One of the best tricks to ace this game of bubble shooter is to always take aim and pop big groups. When a number of bubbles with same colour are clubbed together, a single stroke that is accurate can pop them at once.

Aim to Build a Clear Path

Always look to create a clear path since your ammunition is fairly limited. With a clear path, you will be able to pop many bubbles with each shot. Hence, your goal should be to clear a path in order to reach a big bubble group.

Either be Quick or Patient

This is the most challenging bit. Depending on the Bubble Shooter game that you pick, you need to either be very quick and pop the bubbles or be patient and wait for the perfect time to take the shot.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bubble Shooter Game Tricks

By all accounts, Bubble Shooter is a game of skill as players have to understand all the rules clearly. Once the rules are understood, a player can accordingly take their shot in order to win.

    Success in Bubble Shooter is hugely dependent on the tactics and how skilled and patient a player is. Follow the rules and hacks to be a champion in the game.