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Play Basketball Game Online On WinZO

Play Basketball Game Online On WinZO

Players: 2-4
Genres: Sports Game
Playing time: 5 mins
Basketball is a popular sport that comprises two teams, each having five players. The game was invented in 1891 by Canadian-American gym teacher James Naismith in the United States and today, it has developed to be among the most viewed sports globally. The love for basketball games has brought in numerous online games that involve an exquisite blend of excitement and adventure.
The Winzo basketball game is an amazing choice for those who love playing this sport and there are numerous features that make it an amazing experience for you. You don’t have an entire team in this, you just have to challenge other online games while playing basketball games online.
The screen consists of a basket, ball, and a plank kind of obstruction which can either block your way or help you in completing your goal, depending upon your throw and shot. In other words, you just need to drag your finger on the screen of your phone to the basket and use the obstruction to help you meet your goal!

How to play Basketball Games Online

How to play basketball game online

Select Basketball Game from Game-list

Step to play basketball game

Choose Free Play option from Boot Amount Menu

How to play online ludo game

Enjoy the game

  • Download the Winzo App and complete your registration.

  • Click on Basketball Game, and choose whether you wish to play a freeboot or indulge in cash-based challenges.

  • You will be navigated to the main game page.

  • The game page comprises a basket, a ball, and a plank.

  • Drag your finger to plan a route for the ball and goal a basket.

  • Be cautious of the plank in your way and try to use it wisely to make more baskets.

  • It is a time-based game and the player with maximum goals wins the game.


Game Rules of Basketball Game


The foremost rule is to put the ball in the basket by dragging your finger on the screen.


When you drag the ball, you will see a route for the ball. Make sure that it makes the ball fall within the basket.


The foremost rule is to put the ball in the basket by dragging your finger on the screen.


When you drag the ball, you will see a route for the ball. Make sure that it makes the ball fall within the basket.


Be careful of the obstruction which keeps bouncing up and down in between the route.


It is a time-based game and you need to make as many goals as possible within the given time.

Basketball Game Tips and Tricks


Form a Route

While dragging your finger on the screen to form a route for your ball, make sure it enters the basket. It may appear that the ball may enter the basket but keep the bounces of the ball in mind. As it may bounce by touching the ring and you miss out on the goal.

Use the Obstruction

It may sound weird but you may use the plant on your route to form a goal. If you try to glide the ball over it then it may have a positive impact on your game. Usually, the plank that is placed to act as an obstruction hits the ball, making you miss your goal.

Position of Ball

While playing the game, you will realize that the position of the game keeps changing. So try different routes to have your perfect shot. When the ball is closer, there are more chances of having a goal.

Be Fast

It is a time-based game and you need to be fast. Try to make as many goals as possible as the game starts. The player with maximum games will win the game.

Interesting Facts about Basketball Online Game

Basketball, the best sport game


James Naismith invented the basketball game in 1891 to develop an indoor winter activity.



Initially, the game was played with a soccer ball & peach baskets, however, in the 1900s, the string baskets we know today were introduced to the game.



Earlier, dribbling wasn't allowed and each player had to throw it from wherever he caught it.



Acts like shouldering, pushing, tripping, holding, or striking were never allowed in the game, but these were considered fouls after 1910.


Shoot Like a Pro in Basketball Game

If you are a true basketball fan then you must have seen professionals playing on TV. Have you ever noticed how calmly they step up for that free throw line? You have to recreate it while playing your favorite online basket game. Just remain calm, take a breath, and drag your finger on the screen. Make sure that the dotted route will make you reach your goal. This will help you in shooting like a pro!

How Can You Win a Basketball Game?

  1. While dragging the finger, make sure that the dotted route lands inside the basket.
  2. Be cautious of the obstruction in your way. Rather than getting hit, try to use it to reach your goal.
  3. Take advantage when the ball is closer to the basket as there are more chances of making a goal.



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150K+ Rating

150K+ Rating


Frequently Asked Questions about Basketball Game Online

Each team has five players in the basketball game. However, if you are playing an online basketball game on WinZO, then it is a single player game and you can challenge others on the basis of your scores.

While playing online basketball games, you can score only by making your ball pass through the basket. The more goals you do, respectively your score improves.

If you wish to play basket games online then you can download the Winzo app and indulge in a never-ending gaming experience. You can also win real cash rewards for all your victories.